Monday, April 29, 2013

Virgin Cell Phone Has It's Head Up It's Ass

I have to say that I have never felt this negative towards a company for producing a crappy product but moreover really shitty customer service.  My winner in this category is...........drum roll please..... Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile, where 16 emails, tweets, postings on Facebook can get me the one person that I want to talk to; the Team Leader. Apparently, you can talk to one of these, if they really exist, but I have serious doubts.  I'm that one customer that never yells, screams, uses foul language or anything, I stay calm when I have a problem but I also believe that I should have a voice when I have a genuine complaint. But not with this company.

I sent them an email on their own site and was told, after explaining to them for the fifth time, that I just wanted a Team Leader.  And then I received a response to which I was informed, at that point, that I was obviously in the wrong. They have Team Leaders, they thought by throwing me a little credit that this would fix things AND I should be grateful that they did that for me, that their service was exemplarary and that, they went out of their way to help me.  I kid you not, this is what the email said. I was really flabbergasted. I have never had a company TELL ME that they provided me with great service, am I the consumer that pays the bill or are they?

The funny thing is, after the email beratement that I received where they said they did actually have Team Leaders, they didn't mention any thing about me being able to talk to one.  No response other than what you see above. Apparantly, I will be told what to do as a customer and should shut my mouth.

Virgin? I don't think so. You've been fucking people over for a long time now.

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