Friday, April 5, 2013

Apps and Omelettes

Today, I made some decisions, to clean up my act, I mean apps.  Of most recent, I had let go of Facebook as I didn't find it useful any longer. I can say that when I was forced off work for a while, it kept me somewhat sane. albeit for a few people telling me I had no life(yeesh), but I had to admit that sometimes I was posting utter crap such as cute pics of animals and smarmy-ass signs but had nothing else really to say.

Onward I forged, and today, I decided to clean up my Twitter account. Removing the majority as we have changing interests.  I initially got Twitter as another way to try to stay in touch with my child, who has grown in the cell-phone, texting, computer era.  I wanted to stay on the pulse of what was going on.  And then I realized that it's a waste of time; you've become that stalker-parent.  At which point I stopped following them altogether.

I do agree that Twitter is for people that are promoting their businesses or careers, hardly a place for someone like me who has no interest in either of those areas.  I don't own a business any longer and my career, well let's just say that I have no interest in gaining a "Title", I did that already.  It didn't make me a better person, it did however increase my working hours from 10 hours per day into more like 16. Not worth it.

Having said all the above, sometimes you just stumble upon a blog, a person or a google-hit that make sense and you sit back and actually read what this person is sharing with the world.  I happened to be going through Tweets and the title of Glenn LaPointe's post is what caught my eye. I thought maybe he was anti-omelette, but apparently not.

Have a read, his blog title says it all:

Life happens...wear a helmet

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