Monday, April 22, 2013

USA Proposes To Charge Canadian Cross Border Fees

The USA Government has it in their sites that possibly charging people to cross the border from Canada to the USA may be charged a fee.  This is so counter-productive to those cities that are most effected by the reliance on outside money to support their economic structure and foundation that I wonder if those in the USA are smoking what we call BC Bud.

Obviously, you either don't need the money or you have no clue about supporting the businessess in those areas.  With so many Canadian families that cross-border shop it would be unfathomable to deter any entry and what about those that have family there? Are they too going to be forced a fee just to go visit?

I think that someone went to Costco and got pushed out of the way when they were trying to buy a gallon of Milk. I saw those people from British Columbia who were there shopping on the news. You have right to be pissed off but this, wow. Why not just ban us from buying Dairy Products.
Maybe the USA should have started this with Mexico rather than Canada. If they did this maybe they would have a lot less people crossing from that side of their country too.

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