Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cherry Blossoms Baby!

First Bloom Cherry Blossoms
Thought I would just post a little note about a sight I came to see today coming home from a rather dreary day at work. My commute requires me to shlep through the darkness where I try to focus on the streetlights to gather my visual focus of the morning before my coffee kicks in. Every step sometimes feels like cement has been added to my shoes, however I should point out that Mother Nature can tap on you on the shoulder like she did for me today.

Soft Pearly Pink Cherry Blossoms Stars
I arrived home and most times I'm caught up in my own world and tend to look down while walking but for some weird reason I had a sudden urge to look up, don't know why, just did.  And there they were!

They have opened with a tenderness of soft pearly hue of pink, our Cherry Blossoms, even their name is soothing.

I am always amazed how complex every blossom is and how it appears that a tiny star has fallen into a flowery cup and as it landed, tiny fingerlings with crimson tips appear to be stuck in mid-explosion.  Spring is definitely here.

Although the day was still slightly dark out when I took these pictures, it still made me feel great.  I found myself not worrying about what was going on in my world and instead got lost in ours. 

Sometimes, it's a difficult task to keep ones' chin up but I have to say that this time, it was worth it.

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