Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Doctors Patient Become Fodder In Battle Between Private Practice and Walk-In Medical Clinics

Recently I became acutely aware and reminded that the Physicians in British Columbia have an agenda that is all unique unto their Profession, it's called Active Patient Release.  Which means, that if you don't agree with your Doctor's prognosis and treatment OR if you find yourself, like me, having to go to a Walk-In Clinic,you will be promptly avoided and advised that you are an irritant to have as a Patient.  How do I know this?  Because it's happening to me.

I have had my doctor in Burnaby for over 7 years, I chose him after seeking any and all doctors that were taking new patients, my own Physician at that time decided to move back to Nova Scotia (you lucky buggers you!). He was a great Doctor, he didn't pretend to know things and didn't mess around and got you in to see a specialist when really needed. I could say that if it wasn't for him and he taking great interest in the pains I was having in my stomach that I would no longer be here but rather six-feet under, so thanks Dr Peter Segato for not dismissing my pain.  While I have gotten off track my own Doctor had worked in a walk-in clinic too, this is what I read about him, I saw that he had some mixed reviews but that was more mainly to do with his Receptionist.  I honestly can say that I can see she is abrupt with people but even then, I don't really care if she just gets to the point and doesn't give a rat's ass about me, she's there to put my name down and double or triple book at the same time. It's an awesome way of wasting my time and as well, letting me or others have their blood pressure increase to the point of needing that type of medication too. Pretty great marketing plan; Help induce the illness or exacerbate it and then the good Doctor will tell me that I need that one too.

I had patiently waiting in that little room, hoping to see him smile and ask how I was, instead I was greeted with a stern gaze and scowl and he asked me "what do you want?". It caught me off guard, so I just said exactly what had happened; I injured my shoulder, I don't know exactly how but it was so painful that I couldn't bend my arm to put on my jacket or a shirt"  I went on to say that the pain made me feel nauseated and that it would come and go depending on which way I had to move my arm, I had gone to a walk in clinic because it was so bad, it had happened on a Sunday.  My own Doctor, looked at me and said exactly this; I am not going to treat you for the injury, you chose to go to a walk-in clinic and they get paid the same as I do but they don't do any of the work, matter-of-fact, patients like you that go to walk in clinics irritate most doctors.  I was stunned. I even think my jaw dropped open. I felt like he had just kicked me in the stomach.  I said " so what was I supposed to do?". The Doctor then said I should have gone to the Emergency department or I could have gone to see one of his other Doctors at his practice. He is not open on Sundays and I had no clue that there was a problem between the Doctors of British Columbia budgetary issues and the Doctors at the Walk-In Clinics in British Columbia. So I told him that I assumed going to the Emergency was only for severe trauma or life threatening, that his own office was not open on Sundays and the fact was, in the past, I did see another colleague of his, who, after me waiting 3 hours to see, said he would not be able to give me the prescription that my own Doctor gives me because he wasn't comfortable treating my illness. WTF?

I had nothing left to say to my own Doctor. Apparently, I am am waste of time because I am supposed to know that these 2 factions are fighting over the money they make by billing from their patients onto the BC Medical system.     I took my jacket, got up and said, "well, if you are refusing to treat me, then there is nothing more for you to say" and I left.  My shoulder is still a mess, I live with pain constantly, and I am looking for another Doctor in British Columbia. There are only 3 in the whole lower mainland that are taking patients, one has a "condition" on his license, I researched it and he was accused and convicted of sexual behaviors towards his female patients, he is from Ottawa and now, he's out here. He's still a Doctor.  The other two; one doesn't speak English properly and has poor responses and the other only has such a horrid record that I didn't see one positive remark in the past year on her report.

So, to my old Doctor, Dr Wayne Niou, I am glad that you feel so strongly against me, an injured patient, that you refuse to help treat me just because you believe that Walk In Clinic doctors are sub-par and shouldn't make as much money as you.  Your character, Sir, has questionable Ethical tones to it. I hope that you one day, you will be a victim of your own system.  And hope that you have the opportunity to work with those Colleagues as you did at the Walk-In Clinic where you worked before you opened your practice.

If anyone knows of a decent level-headed Physician in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia that is taking new patients, let me know.  The ones that are driven by pure greed to blacklist their own patients and treat them as fodder to be told you are guilty by association with a Walk-In clinic should have their own licenses revoked and that Oath that they take? That's just a piece of paper on the wall that has no meaning to it whatsoever.

I know that after my experience that there are others out there like me who have had the book thrown at them without just cause. If this has happened to you, let me know. I want to hear your story too.

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