Monday, April 22, 2013

Blogger Template Not Updating Format Changes

This post is for anyone who is like me and was frustrated because my Blog lost the ability to update customizations to my template.  I noticed that there are thousands of us and that we haven't had much response to this issue.

I found one person that said you should backup your blog (no kidding) before making any changes and then try saving it under another template design, Save it and then go back in and restore your old one. I tried that, it didn't work.

Anyways for anyone it may help I am inviting you to post your Blog if you have instructions on how to change Design, use HTML or CSS. I had to start over again from my last backup.  Ugh!

I am still researching and trying to build some links that may help with going back in and re-vamping your template:  PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST in the comments section if you have any helpful hints.

I found this site the most helpful for me since I'm really not savvy at writing code. I am a beginner so maybe it will help you too!


  1. Thanks. I'm fustrated with that kind of a thing.

    1. I can't believe they still have not done anything at all to address the thousands that are extremely frustrated with this whole process. I'm checking out your blog too! Very cool!. I also can't get ad sense for some reason or other, if I notice any issues with yours that I know about, I will tell you! Thanks for commenting. Moneypenny


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