Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rhodies From Richmond

Another beautiful day to see Spring 2013 doing its best to wave boldly and remind us of renewed life and growth. This Beauty is in the complex where I live, I am so impressed with the sheer size of these buds.

The Lower Mainland of Vancouver has the right mix of weather to coddle the Rhododendrons to bloom. Staring in the beginning of April each year, the annual budding begins and as you can see, they can grow well past 6 inches height.

The blooms are breathtaking, my eyes not wanting to leave the area, I feel like I am somewhere Tropical.  This is why they are truly magnificent, because they can bring your thoughts into forming an opinion you could be somewhere like Bali rather than the Liquid Sunshine Capital of the Earth: Vancouver, British Columbia.  By the way, I love Vancouver, I just get tired of hearing the "Sunshine" remark as a way of trying to pretend that the weather can be a real downer sometimes. Sigh.

If you love these flowers as much as I do feel free to make a comment or share a photo or your blog. I am posting this on the fly, and will be adding a floral arrangement that I made last year for a Birthday Party in April for someone in my Family. It just makes sense to use these babies.  These pictures were taken in Richmond, British Columbia. You can Rhodies all over the Lower Mainland of our Province. Want a picture, send me a line and I'll email you a copy, your free to use it if you ask. Would love to see someone do a painting of one of these or give me a picture back of one of your favorites too!

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