Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goodbye Facebook: Why I Quit

Good bye Facebook! I'm happy to say our relationship is over. The honeymoon period has waned over several years and I found facebook just to be another place to try to avoid.  I don't even want to know about your other interests and what you did or where you went, just as much as you don't want to know mine.

Let's face it (no pun intended), my life is not all that interesting.  Neither is yours. Facebook was another way to either make you feel important and even more so, terribly unimportant. For some, it was the soapbox and I learned that everything I was wait, everything ..and I mean EVERYTHING I was eating, whatever I was doing, where I went shopping, what I did or if I chose not to do was killing the earth or something on it, or in it or outside of it, hell, I was probably killing aliens too.

I just ran out of things to say, didn't have any cute pictures of cats or dogs or babies to post. In fact, I hated to be in charge of censorship on my own wall and finally had decided to stop people from posting on my wall altogether, which reminds me of a little story about a lady name Liane, who's a teacher in British Columbia, Liane will tell you how great of a teacher she is, working with your kids, those cute little minds, but heaven forbid, she openly refers to me as a "retard" (as she liked to post on my wall) and I wonder what kind of teacher she actually truly is. Probably not the kind that I would want my child to learn anything from.  Liane also has an "imaginary friend" whom she liked to blame for posting insulting or smarmy comments.

So, you can see. I'll totally miss that.

I think Facebook infancy was truly where is shone the brightest. Now it's just old, I found myself spending more time trying to ensure my privacy wasn't being violated, was someone stealing my photo's? And even worse, I was shunned because I didn't join in those games like Bejeweled, Mafia Wars, Hidden Treasure or Farmsville.

I guess I found out that I am just as unpopular as I am in the real world.  My fear is that one day I would sign into Facebook and someone would be posting how great of a day they had because they had a BM.  (If you have to ask what that is, well, obviously you may not be old enough) In other words, there are some things I just don't want to know about and not having Facebook as part of my day-to-day hasn't harmed it.
In fact, some people have actually called me on the phone today. How weird. 

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