Monday, January 27, 2014

The Round Brush From Hell!

Are you in serious need of a cardio workout but are just to lazy to go to the gym?
Do you wish you could be motivated to raise that heart-rate above your near Zombie-like pace?

Oh boy-oh boy, do I have the answer for YOU!

Simply purchase a round hair this one...

(uhm....i have to go get it out of the garbagio....will upload a pic later)

And then proceed to use the brush like you think you should. It's round, so go ahead and twirl that sucker round and round till you get a nice sheath of your lovely hair wrapped in there and voila' you will simply unwind it and you will have an amazing wave right?

Oh God! no. The brush is stuck, upon rolling it back out to release the hair now feels like I have just been subject to a torture routine as one-hair-at-a-time is being ripped right out of my scalp. Immediately, I can feel my hands get clammy and moistness comes to my upper lip. I've already started to sweat!  So there I sit for almost an hour trying frantically pulling small pieces through and cringing as they are still wound up inside the evilness that this brush is, and then in between inaudible small weeping sounds, and hoping beyond all this natural,  I discover that those scissors in my side drawer are now looking like the only way that I will be able to get out of this predicament. I'm desperate now, "cut me Doc, cut me" and I feel like I will save my own life if I can just get through this delicate procedure. Had I known the next little secret, it would have saved a few things like; my hair.

Do you think I could think straight enough to get to the laptop and plug in H.E.L.P. for Hair? No.
Do you think I could have grabbed my cell and logged onto google that way?. No.
Because when you're half-way in between getting ready for an event, and you decide to put yourself into pain this way, you panic.

Here's what I did find AFTER cutting the chunk of hair away and then using half a can of hairspray to hide my new "do".  All you need is a knitting needle. That's it. That's all it takes to pull the hairs back through, remember if you never had your hair pulled through a cap for streaking back in the day (sorry, but I don't even know if they still do that), that same type of item would work too.

Now, don't I wish that I knew that when it was happening to me and secondly, don't I wish I had either one of those things in my house at the time, you bet.

I guess I should take up knitting. At least it's safer than styling my own hair. 
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