Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I tried meditation in the 1970's in Vancouver, BC when it wasn't "fashionable", this also went along with me using Tom's Toothpaste and horrid tasting foods like Carob. Seriously, health food really was hard to digest. I have a special place in my heart for Aloe Vera Juice which I halfheartedly gagged down on a regular basis, come to think of it, it reminds me of kids that eat their own snot. Not sure what the flavor would be like but Aloe Juice has a very gunky, mucous texture, slimy and nasty aftertaste.  Anyone who liked it probably also like Cilantro, and anyone who likes Cilantro can't be sane, can they?

And on that note, I've gotten off track again, what I meant to say was...I tried meditation in the 70's but didn't find it fascinating. I didn't like Yoga but still tried to watch Kareen's Yoga on the local TV station every weekend. I loved Kareen, her voice was so calming, and I suppose that I didn't understand that it would have been beneficial to actually dedicate my lazy butt and I probably could have averted many anxiety attacks earlier on in life.  Ahhhhh...hindsight..how I hate you.

And now at my ripe old age of 50, I have a wicked case of  tinnitus, I hear that high-pitched screech all day long, it can be exhausting.  And it makes you desperate for relief, so I was searching White Noise and Pink Noise and behold! I accidentally clicked onto a link for OM Chanting.

Now I know what you're going to say..once you've "oohmmmmmmed" then you been there and done that. I care to differ. I tried it for fun, just to follow along. I tried different tempo's, starting my chant in the middle of theirs or at the end, interesting sound.  But I think my favorite part was, it kind of tickles my throat and I forgot that little things that feel funny can actually be funny good and funny haha rather than funny odd.

Nice to know I still have a kid inside me somewhere.  And for Kareen Zebroff, much Love and Respect to you, you are one heck of a beautiful soul.

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