Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fogotten Again: Why December Birthdays Suck

On December 31st it will be my birthday. Since it's a milestone for me (the big 5-0) you would think that I may have decided to treat myself or be going to some kind of party or get together. Not a chance.  For most people who have birthdays in the Christmas month, although there are rare exceptions, trying to set up any kind of actual celebration gets the same reaction every year: "Sorry, but I'm: Too busy, too broke, going somewhere else".  I do have to say that I have asked people to stop apologizing. I mean, I thought that a birthday was something to celebrate, so if you have to say sorry because mine is such a burden, then for the love of God, save it.

This is my opinion, and right now, it's the only one that counts.  I didn't celebrate Christmas this year either, I did not buy one damn gift, I didn't line up for hours, I didn't attend a family dinner.Instead, I fulfilled my obligations to my Father's Girlfriend and took her for dinner which I had promised him before he has passed away. It was uncomfortable but we got through it.

I guess by writing this post it is on my mind at how alone sometimes I feel and that I recognize others are in the same boat.  We never celebrated it once in my entire life and I don't know how to feel about that, I come from a large family who was always afforded to recognize their special days. I didn't even realize that I had one until I questioned it as a child and then I got the same response from family as I do from people now days.

I did make one minor change this year and that was to stop attending others birthdays when I realized down deep, it actually made me feel sad and inadequate to be there. That's when I knew that I must be changing and for the better since I was able to consciously decide to stop partaking in activities that were unhealthy for me and also cheaper.

So may I wish you all, the best of the year, here's to a prosperous, fun and healthy 2014.! 

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