Friday, December 27, 2013

Steve Perry's Everlasting Journey

So, its Friday night and I made it home again, a drab, dreary work day and my strength evaporated out my body, and here I am, looking for some small thing or moment to give me a little comfort to make me forget about the pains I suffer from. I walked by the dining-room window and when I happened to look outside, I could see the Christmas lights across the lane...I think sometimes my brain is so overloaded with sorrow I tend to fall into daydreaming and as such, I then thought about the journey I'm on, when does it end? How does it end? When do my lights finally fade and then ultimately burn out, flickering away till the flicker wanes and the brightness dims?  

I thought about my own questions and behold, a quick tap on the keyboard with some key words, lights, journey, and I found Steve Perry! And then I was thinking ..darn ...what's that song that really fits what I'm feeling? 

And here it is.....When The Lights Go Down Journey and thanks Mr. Perry, you're one of a kind, truly.

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