Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Take It To The Limit Eagles Cover

There are those days when you're riding the train, walking in the rain or just catch yourself drifting off to think about absolutely nothing when you recall a favorite song, one that brings back some happier times than where you are now. The other day I caught myself walking along River Road in Richmond, looking down at the concrete and pebbles when I stopped and looked onto the water itself.  I felt lost.  It made my eyes tear up, it's been a tough couple of years and although I'm not one to ever let anyone see me like this, it happens.

I found myself taking that deep breath as if to make myself stand up taller and stronger when all of a sudden I looked upon the river itself, and the trees all dressed in oranges and reds, lined up like soldiers against the water's edge, that I felt suddenly peaceful. It caught me off guard. And that's when I heard a song list up inside my was the Eagles, the song: "Take It To The Limit".  I just stood there and recalled a memory of times when my life was not so challenging and I was happy.  I remember being a passenger in car and driving the freeway in the middle of Summer. It was beautiful.

When I arrived home, I sat at the computer and upon my search to find the Eagles, I came upon a YouTube video for a person called Shangram who was performing an acoustic cover of this song. Since I also play guitar, I decided to take a look and a listen and was blown away by how wonderful this Man had covered this song, and since I love to share great things with my Friends, I want to post the link so that if you ever feel the same way I do, you will find some comfort from this as I did.

So, here we go! Have a Listen, you'll enjoy this.....

Well played Sir! Well played.