Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scammer Email Winner Scumbag:

And we have another WINNER!!! or should I say LOSER!!!!.  I have received a wonderful email to say, hello, you no longer have to work anymore, you can relax, you're the "one" out of a gazillion people that won this lottery and all you have to do is give us your information so that we may clone ourselves like you, open up bank accounts, get credit cards, loans and who knows what else....maybe even put contraband in your name...and you'll do it just because you think you won a lottery in the UK or wherever....

My Scumbag Award of Saturday Night goes to this sender and they're IP address.  Here's the email:

Dear user
You have won the sum of £1,800,000.00 GBP 
One Million eight Hundred Thousand British
Pound Sterling) Equivalent to ($2,820,551.53 USD),
from windows Live Award Program and your email address
was generated in the recently drawn of windows
Live Award Program for Third Quarter of the Year 2013.
Payable through our Paying Agent in South Africa.
This Unique Program is organized every year
to create and improve a larger awareness record
for all internet usage for worldwide.
Kindly note that Your Ref: MDB/929/2013
falls within our Afro booklet Regional Headquarters 
representative office in Johannesburg,
South Africa as indicated in the play coupon. 
For security reasons, you are advised
to keep your winning information confidential
until your claim is processed to avoid double claim.
Your winning details below
Reference Number: MDB/929/2013
Amount Won: £1,800,000.00 GBP
Payment File Number of Deposit: PPC/ZA5622/2013
You are hereby advised to Contact our Paying Agent
Payment Processing Center) for immediate release of your funds.
Contact Person: Mr. Ross
Direct Line: 0027-83-883-5750
Full Names:
Direct Mobile:
Alternative Email
Reference No:
File Number of Deposit
Congratulations'' once again from all our Staff and thank you for 
being part of our Promotions Program
Yours Truly,
On behalf Windows Live Award Team
Copyright©2013 windows live Inc.
Interestingly that this email came from the following place:
And this IP:


  1. Yep got that also. I wonder if we can sue for false advertising lol

    1. I wish I could, maybe we could do a class-action which I figure if they're spammers probably sent it a billion people. Could you imagine a law suit like that? Hmmmmmmmmm.....and on that note, I've recently won a Island in the Bahamas, fifteen trips to Neverland and Oz, and won a cooking contents for my recipe "MoneyPenny's Baked Air" (it's invisible you see!). Thanks for posting a comment, please feel free to ad anyone else you have on a list of scammer emailers. Yours truly. MP.


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