Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Windows 7 Search Function Doesn't Work or How to Lose Your Mind in Five Minutes Using Windows 7 Search Trickery

This is a short post about finding some great help from another person on the net. I am a pretty tech savvy go getter and usually can fix most of my computer issues on my own. Except for this problem: My SEARCH function stopped working completely.  One of the most frustrating problems I've encountered so far and noted that this occurred after an update, I tried everything under the sun to fix it. I went to about 30 different sites where most of the instructions speak to resetting the indexing on the files, checking and unchecking boxes to no avail.

You wouldn't believe how reliant one becomes on the ability to search. But just think about that for a second. Take away your ability to Google or Bing etc and what would happen? That's right. You go temporarily insane and find yourself drooling like a baby, sitting in a playpen at the local Walmart, whereupon you are thus arrested. And rightly so.   Anyways, I finally found the cure to my angst today with my last search for some form of alternate answer. I tried Bobby's fix and voila! worked like a charm. Now I have no excuse on not finding that work I was supposed to turn in on a deadline. Foiled Again Jeeves!

So, thank you, Bobby Jimenez!. You're my Hero!

Here's the problem and the fix:

Microsoft Windows 7 & Outlook search not working, cannot access the specified device path or file.



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