Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Colour My World - Add Some Flavour To Your Titles

Another conundrum today, looking at my Blog I was sorely reminded of how bleak and boring the colours seemed to be on my Post Titles. Nothing says "Hey..Ya You! Get Over Here Straight Away and Read Me!.

Nope.  Just a flabby, pale greyish-blue splat of a tint on the page. So sad really.

I started my search after my forehead was sore from so much face palming that I care to say, and a migraine was kicking in.  I (again) was looking for an easy way to do this, why is it that no one has an HTML site that people like me who are quasi computer-impaired can learn from? And then I found one!

God Bless Them or Bless Whomever You Believe In.  This Person is a Saint and I hope they come to see that I, Miss MoneyPenny has been successful and have slain the Text-Colour Dragon.

Click on the Link below, there's a lot more great information that you will appreciate.


  1. Thanks. I'm the owner of


  2. You help made my day so much easier. Will be referring to it often.


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