Monday, June 23, 2014

Menopause is Stupid

I am not sure what brilliant person ever coined the term or named this condition as "menopause" because it is anything but.  A pause denotes the idea that you are taking a break, maybe for a moment of silence so you think, maybe you pause for reorganizing the troops, but certainly the word "menopause" is the just the start that never ever ends.  One of my least favorite things is having tags like "pre and post" because that just screws you up even more. It denotes that there is a start and an end. Lies, lies and well more lies.

Seriously. Why don't they just point to picture of a frying pan, crack an egg gently into it and say "This is your brain". Then they take the pan and fling it at break-neck speed through a plate glass window while commenting "and this, Ladies, is your brain in Menopause".   You get the picture.

I used to remember a time..oh Actually, I don't remember. That is part of the problem. So what is the secret to getting through this predicament? I don't know that either, because I do not believe that you go back to who you were, and I do not believe that it ever ends.

More likely is that you forget that you ever were fertile in any sense and then there is ice-cream.

Ice-cream makes everything better.Doesn't it?

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