Monday, May 5, 2014

Not Everyone Is Special So Be Ready For It

There is so much written about empowering yourself and how special everyone is. It is not true. Any of it. Maybe when people realize that, we'd have less dissection in the ranks. One natural instinct for parents is to repeatedly tell their children just that,  you are special, just as you are, you fabulous little person. When we, as parents, try to instill confidence and give encouragement to the point that it becomes meaningless.

I have had the pleasure of watching those very fabulous little ones, grow-up. And I have equally been tasked with working along side them. And I see the work ethic is lacking, there is no initiative to step-up to the plate and be part of any team except for the one that is called: "watch out world because I'm a Princess or I'm a Prince, I can't really do anything but my degree speaks for itself. Oh and by the way, my Mom still makes my lunch, I can't wash a dish, I can't cook, I drive a car but I don't know how to operate one. And you want me to put paper in the photocopier when it says its out? Outrageous!!!!  That is not my job.

And what is better than this? They are so self-absorbed that you have helped create a person who's main bragging is that they believe reality TV is fantastical and that this is how you treat other people. Rather frightening to know that you are going to be judged in about 6 months by this person, they will become your supervisor, and why, because life is unfair and blah blah blah. True, but sometimes it also helps if you are friends with management. The old adage "it is not what you know that counts, it's WHO you know that matters" is true as red is red. 

Here is one sure thing in life, get a Degree. It may not get you everything but it will get you opportunity. And that is the key.  And that way, when you compete with the elite of the ones raised as more special than a rainbow coming out a unicorns bum, that you will be able to give yourself more than one edge when it comes to getting where you need to be. 

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