Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sour Faced Over the Price Of Lemons!

One of the cheapest ways to give your body a little cleanse and a boost is to have a little Lemon in your water, not so much any more, and not because there is a Lemon shortage, it is because of the price.  We all notice when the cost of Gas and Food does start to creep up and yes, there is gauging and price fixing that occurs and the public is well aware of it. But I seriously wondered what would drive up the cost of a Lemon close to 100% in less than one week!  I took a look around local stores such as Walmart; Save-On Foods; Safeway; Buy-Low and Kin's Market and they are all the same.  Maybe it's something to do with the price of Fuel that has increased however even that has seemed to plateau for now, maybe it has something to do with the fact we have a Truck Driver strike at the Vancouver Docks right now. Who knows. Ever try asking anyone at the store if they know why? They won't be able to tell you from what I found. 

For people on fixed income this is a nightmare as they have always struggled with trying to have enough money to actually buy Food and whether it is fair or unfair, with no explanation that I could find that made sense, it would appear that they increase the prices based on other factors. Manufacturer's of all kinds of products love to create false shortages in order to drive the price up and Grocer's are no different. 

I am truly a little sour-faced over this but feel helpless. I did stop buying Lemons since they are now out of my budget and that's okay too, I just wonder about the other Food that I consume because it also appears that there is no end in sight to the rising cost on a quick basis. 

I am one of those that is seriously trying to eat healthy, I try to buy as much locally but even those prices, like Apples from the Okanagan, is getting to the price where I cannot justify to part with my money. I wish I had some way to grow my own food but where I live, there is no place to even do that.  The most I can do is gather blackberries at the sides of the highways when they are in season and worry that even those will be fenced off soon enough and cut down.

There used to be simple items such as rice or bread as a staple in their cupboards but even these items are now out of reach for those in my situation. Interesting to live in a country that is not third world by any means yet a majority of people can not afford to eat healthy.

Just my thoughts today. If you feel the same way, make a comment. 

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