Friday, February 14, 2014

Roses and a Really Great Sandwich

Wishing everyone some Love today, yes it is Valentine's Day or as I like to call it...FRIDAY! And on Friday's I try to treat myself to something special like a coffee or a little something sweet. If I don't do this, then who will? That's right. Just me.  So I ventured out into the new digs in the Mount Pleasant area in Vancouver. Mount Pleasant has had some challenges and still does, either way, those challenges add color and who doesn't like that?

Though today is "please hand me over your wallet while I rob you blind for some Flowers that won't even last a day" I prefer to think of today as a chance for me to be nice to myself. And what better way than to find a new little gem of a restaurant called "RoseMary Rock Salt" on Main Street in Vancouver, BC.  A little tiny paper sign on the window announcing to the world "We're Open". And I'll say they are!  Upon entering I honed in on the fire oven and I could see fresh bagels just baking away, the smell was comforting and although I said I would stop eating bread, today I failed miserably. I blame the large menu that's perched above the open kitchen area like a billboard of yumminess.

And that's when I saw it.....Lox and Capers with Cream Cheese...or what was that on the left?.  Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich!  You had me at Montreal.  You see, you can't appreciate the delicate and unique flavour that Montreal Smoked Meat is famous for, but once you've had the real thing, you search endlessly in the hopes that you'll find something remotely close to this goodie and believe me, this place I went today, made it all the worth the wait. I haven't had one in over 10 years.  I think I even had a tear in my eye when I ordered it.
The Billboard of Yumminess

I have to say that I found the staff here extremely attentive which happens with most new openings but I will keep my fingers crossed that they stay that way.  And that Sandwich! It was delectable, made with a Fresh Baked Bagel, with a light sweep of Dijon Mustard and of course ...The Pickle.  I don't really like Pickles all that much, but this one was very crunchy, and had just enough tart and sour to give it some zing but it wasn't overwhelming and so the Pickle met its demise. The taste was heavenly with the smoked meat delicately seasoned as it should be, and certainly, you won't find anything as tender as this is as far as texture goes.

I couldn't be in Montreal today but I sure remember the last time I was there, how fabulous a time I had and I even met someone who did not speak any English and I don't speak French, but we got along famously.  And honestly, once you have one of the sandwiches directly in Montreal, you'll understand that it was more of an experience rather than just a piece of food on your plate.

I'll have to save the rest for later and that was something to do with the small pastries that they have, the Chocolate & Walnut Rugelach should have a warning on them. . Lets just say I left with 6 and I'm trying to blame the dog for eating all but 1 of them.  And I don't even own a dog. Happy Times.

Chocolate&Walnut, Apricot, Strawberry and Chocolate Raspberry Rugelach

If you're in the area, give this place a try, pricing is $$$ but definitely worth it for a treat!. The Staff were engaging, smiling and looks like they have a great team here.  RoseMary Rock Salt  is located at : 2515 Main Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada and has several other locations, please visit their website at

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