Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Latest Phishing Scams: Pay Pal and CIBC

Heads' Up Gorgeous!

A quick post to warn you of what I received today as far as phishing scams along with the other usual drivel.

Today's was from PayPal. They said they have put a "hold" on my account. Too funny....I don't use it. And you think they would learn how to spell, the message has typo's in it. So, just be warned it's definitely a Phishing Scam.


For those who bank with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, or CIBC, I also received an invite from their security department who says, for safety reasons, they MUST have me confirm my details, and I need to include my account numbers, my date of birth, my full name and address, mother's maiden name etc.

Please share this post with your Friends, it gets ridiculous that we have to have a constant barrage of scammers who have nothing better to do but try to victimize people. So don't be one!

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