Friday, December 14, 2012

Saving, Donating and Making some Money

Every year I wonder about what I can at Christmas and other times (not sure why Christmas comes to mind maybe that's just December for you) how to either make extra cash, put some into a savings account and De-clutter but at the same time donate.

Heck, if you actually make any money from that ugly sweater someone gave you as a gift or, as in my case, the most hideous Frog Picture, you could donate the cash to a charity of your choice. 

I found the link from Craigslist most helpful but you could change it to the one for your city, Additionally, I believe that there are other sites world wide that you could use this suggestion. Recently, I helped get a new home for an Electric Scooter.
It went to a lovely Senior Citizen here in Vancouver,  who said they lived on fixed income and there was no possible way for her to afford this independence. 

She could was able to go out on her own instead of being inside and unable to socialize on most levels.  If you haven't helped out a Senior Citizen, then you have no idea how much Love you are missing out on.  They give it out in buckets. 

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