Sunday, November 16, 2014

When Your Health Quits Its Day Job

First, I wanted to say that I have not been writing very much since September as this is when my body decided to deep six my entire being and has punished me daily ever since, so I hope for anyone who may read my blog (on the chance you are actually out there!) that you know that I was just taking a break.  We, that would be me and a slew of doctors, have not figured out what is wrong with me other than I am having some type of severe allergic reaction to something.

And according to one Allergist, that something could be nothing. That's right...I could be allergic to absolutely nothing! It is all in my head, and apparently, she indicated that it is obvious that I am under so much stress that my body has decided to fight itself.  I have to say that in the summer time I has a wonderful break and I also was lucky enough to get a free "second" vacation to Arizona in the middle of October. what is stressful about that?

Can you imagine what my brain is telling me when this doctor is giving me an explanation that I am stressed and I do not even know it?  Gadzooks! Hoodwinked again by the my own brain!.

I am doubting that her diagnosis is hardly correct.  And I promise to continue this story when I gather some energy to explain.  I will just say that "hives" are with me 24/7 it is agonizing since I cannot get rid of them and they never ever go away. This includes Anaphylaxis which has caused my face to swell uncontrollably and another trip to the ER..

Story to continue:


Its now April 2015:

I have made over 38 trips to the Emergency Room at local hospitals since my first bout with hives and anaphylaxis.  I have had so many tests that have come up negative for more well-known auto-immune disorders like Lupus. And no one can give me a diagnosis other than the following:

You have: Chronic Urticaria (Hives); Chronic Angiodema (Swelling of the Tissue) and Chronic Anaphylaxis (Swelling of Tongue/Throat).

I live by the Epi-Pen and have tried different medicines. These would be typical H1 and H2 inhibitors: Ceterezine; Benadryl; Hyrdoxyzine; Ranitadine and the one thing that I wanted to stay on but they will not let me is steroids: Prednisone.  I have been told that this is the only thing that is left that they can use to help me when I'm in full distress and as such, I am not to be given it daily otherwise I will build up a tolerance and then it may not work when I really can't breathe.

Over the next few weeks I am going to add to this update and try to cycle back to when I first suffered an episode with this. I still have it, everyday can be excruciating painful and certainly I have no social life left to speak of, not because of choice, but because of the unpredictable and violent force of the attacks that come like a stranger in the night.

I miss blogging ...... and I miss the void...

June 2015:

Tonight I am having a "flare" which is an understatement; it is unbearibly uncomfortable to sit while  you skin is on fire and I can feel the hives developing under my chin, by chest, thighs and ankles, even the creases of my elbows are not saved from the pain.   I have popped 2 Benadryl tabs and then my Ranitadine but it seems futile so far. I can feel this creeping around my mouth and my eyes. It is strangely tingly and....I hate it.

Coming soon to a Theatre Near You: The Meltdown.  That's what I feel like having.

Chat soon! 

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