Monday, August 4, 2014

Only $999,998.00 To Go!

One of my first posts was how would a person make a million dollars, certainly there is always the save, save, compound interest speech.  My idea is that if you asked a million people (and based on the population of Earth itself and considering the percentage of those with any disposable income of $1) to give you a buck, there you would have it. Find 1 million friends and ask them for a dollar.

The point of the idea is not to be ridiculous but to put it in perspective that sometimes a small idea is the best idea and that goals are attainable by thinking more in simplified terms. It is those that can speak in those terms that have an uncanny knack for reaching and communicating with more people than someone who uses complex jargon to explain ideas.

I said I would try to do this myself so I started today and I sold something for $2,  I put it in my jar with a big Happyface. It is a small start, but it is a proven fact that a snowball can turn into an avalanche.

I wonder what other ideas people have that are not in the position of tangible wealth. What do you do to help yourself along?

(PS..this picture is of a plant nicknamed "Angelwings", I thought I would add some greens into my story).

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