Sunday, July 27, 2014

Volunteer and Group Joining Snobbery

Like most people (not all perhaps) I like to expand my knowledge by joining sites, groups and even volunteering until lately when I had an epiphany after getting a snarky reply after sending my usual introduction and basically who I am, that I heard they are looking for people to join or to help.

And what kind of responses am I getting?  Here's the latest: "Thanks for your application, but at this time, you are too new to this site/group, please apply later" and another one who said they needed volunteers to help clean up an area:  "please give us the reason(s) why you feel that  you would fit, what can you offer and why do you want to volunteer with us".

Seriously, to all those not-for-profits, online community groups or elite artist group, I would like to give you a personal present: Some cement shoes and a pool pass.

Sounds like I am angry, right? But wait, it is not anger, that would take way too much energy, but I am annoyed to the point of writing about it.

If you have to write a thesis about why they should pick you, it is not worth the request. People or organizations that do this should be banned and boycotted.  Please note that these are not volunteer opportunities where you are working with groups of people that are vulnerable like Children, Seniors and People with Barriers. This is about asking me to come and help you pick up litter after an event, or to join a group of People who like Gibson guitars and want to share technique playing ideas.

So, in other words, stop asking if you have no intentions of opening it up for all people, not just those that have a certain look, a certain education and a certain amount of followers.  (By the way, I don't really even think of people as followers, it sounds too much like a religion thing and I'm no Messiah).

Anyone else every have this happen?  And I am truly asking you to "volunteer" your experience, it would be wonderful to know that someone out there has been where I have.

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