Saturday, March 16, 2013

Owning A Home in Vancouver is a Fantasy

I was born in Vancouver and I will never be able to afford to buy a home here.  This is a reality that is saddening for me, but one that I have decided to shrug my shoulders and just get through life as it were.   Recently, I got into a discussion with a coworker, who decided that they would buy another home, and about prices and what it takes to actually afford to buy a place. As she explained, the family, (extended included), all pooled their money together and bought a large house with a hefty mortgage to boot.  They all lived in the house and at the same time they all pay in a large mortgage payment. This allows them to pay it down quickly and at the same time release equity. That equity they use in order to purchase another property, which they will rent out for amounts equal to the payment, higher than what is required to make a profit or lose some income and create a tax loss.  This property can also be used as equity to further expand their ownership.  It does take time, but it's achievable.  What I was trying to figure out is if you don't have the family and specifically how do the banks approve 12 people to buy a home together, is there another way?

Let's see, if we look at another person I know, he was able to stay living at home until he was in his late twenties, 75% of his earnings went into a savings account and this is where he got a large sum of money to invest into buying a home.

I am a huge advocate for letting your Child to stay at home to do this. As for the family who invests together, very smart.  I can say that I come from a lack of opportunity in that arena, however there must be renters too. 

I do really wish that I didn't feel so heartbroken that I will have to move from Vancouver.  It's reality, which I'm usually extremely straight, spot-on line with except this once. I guess I feel as though this is where my heart is and where I feel my home should be. 

Maybe I should go make friends with the Bank, oh, I forgot, they don't have friends just hostages.

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