Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tim Horton's Canadian or Not?

After recent media coverage and multiple news articles, there seems to have been a Pandora's box opening when it comes to how Canadian companies, such as Tim Horton's, fills their apparent labour shortages with temporary foreign workers.

The public immediately questions this practice and Tim Horton's has been accused of abusing those that are hired, oh wait, that's only once the public hears about it from the media.

Yet watch how many people still go to Tim Horton's, they still want their double-double, steeped tea and timbit in a hurry.

We have a recession, and I've personally had people tell me that they have applied, have great skills and tons of experience yet no calls. They're perplexed. 

Why are our own unemployed being ignored? And what about our Youth?  People may say that not everyone wants to work at entry-level, but a lot of people actually do.

So next time you want you coffee and you impatiently sigh because the line-up is too long at Timmies, Think about the fact that the person trying to get you your damn food, may be the one who gets abused and then be happy that your unemployed Son, Daughter, Niece or Nephew didn't get that darn screwy job. Whew!

And shame on you Tim Horton's, you'll never see my face or my money. I would suggest that you take the use of the word "Canadian" away from your company,  since you behave in a manner that is anything but.

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