Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Lookout for that First Loonie

Everyone keeps asking me about how you would make a million dollars, I think it's easy, its just a matter of asking 1 Million people for a dollar and voila, there you have it, instant millionaire. Of course this opens to rounds of laughter, but seriously if you think about it, its the straightest line, albeit a silly one, that could actually work. 

Maybe it's because of all the caffeine that I consume that drives my brain to think of these things that seem so simple to me, for others, it's an impossibility with a dose of "yeah right". I think they hope that somehow I will forget such a notion but its my way to stay positive and a belief that it can be done.  Cyber-begging 101 (at least that's what I'd call it), I mean if a guy can trade a paperclip for a house, then the proverbial "skies the limit" as far as I am concerned.

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